A Career You're Passionate About

Work with AmaSing Voice in Wolcott, CT

Are you passionate about music and performance? Are you looking to start your career right out of college? AmaSing Voice is looking for voice coaches and piano teachers in Wolcott, CT. You'll have the chance to apply your musical skills and training with students of various ranges. This is a wonderful opportunity for anyone looking to take the first step in their career.

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How do vocal coaches impact their students?

When you give vocal lessons through AmaSing Voice, you're doing more than just teaching proper technique in Wolcott, CT. Students of vocal coaches learn the importance of...

  • Health: trained singers learn to recognize situations that will strain or injure their vocal cords.
  • Self-assessment: when a student recognizes their skill set, they can pick pieces that showcases their voice.
  • Improvement: in identifying their limitations, singers are encouraged to perform certain exercises to increase their vocal abilities.

Though these lessons are learned in the context of singing, they can be used outside of the practice room and stage.

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